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Forte Maestro
PostPosted: Wed Apr 06, 2016 3:47 pm    Post subject: 2016 Info and Competition Schedule

December 3rd, 2016

Opening Ceremony
@ 10:00am /servertime
Buckland Ruin (Shire)

The Brandywine Swim
Buckland (Bree-land) to the Source of Lake Evendim (Evendim)
and back again…
@ 10:30pm /servertime

The Eriador Run
Thorin’s Hall (Ered Luin) to Galtrev (Dunland)
Gate of Thorin’s Hall @ 2:00pm /servertime

The Rhovanian Ride
Galtrev (Dunland) to Dol Amroth (Gondor)
@ ~4:30pm /servertime

The Closing and Award Ceremony
Breeland Festival Grounds
@ ~6:30pm /servertime

Closing Concert Celebration
Breeland Festival Grounds Stage
@ ~7:00-8"00pm /servertime

December 4th, 2016
The ARDAchicken
hosted by the Bounders of the Shire
Chicken Triathlon through the Shire
@ 8:00pm /servertime

**All race start times are estimated for time. Races will tend to begin 30 min after the last one ends**

Please remember to read the COMPLETE RULES and SIGNUP


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